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Holiday Campaign

This year you can give the gift of hope and healing

For survivors of abuse, the holiday season can be challenging. Women at our shelter are often forced to leave their violent home with very few belongings. Starting over is overwhelmingly difficult and the holiday season can be a painful reminder of how little they have.

“I didn’t have time to take anything. I didn’t even have pyjamas for the kids. Luckily the shelter had the essentials we needed ready for us when we arrived that night.”

For others, celebrating the holidays brings a sense of freedom. Victims of violence are often isolated from their support system, forced to keep their pain a secret from their loved ones. For many families we serve, this year will be a time to re-connect with friends and family without the threat of violence and repercussions hanging over their heads. Finally, these families are free to celebrate together.

“With the help of my counsellor I was able to re-connect with my mom. I thought she would be mad at me because I’d stayed away so long, but she was so happy to learn I was doing well and that I was safe. We cried a lot together. I’m so happy I have her back in my life.”

Whatever emotions the holidays bring, we are here to provide women the support they need to make the best of the season. Women’s Habitat has been providing a safe space for women and children since 1978. Our dedicated counsellors provide inclusive, non-judgmental counselling and safety planning for mother and child. This holiday season your generous donation can have a lasting impact on a family in need.