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Women's Resources (City of Kawartha Lakes): woman abuse,emergency shelter, sexual assault, child abuse, abuse, violence

Registered Name: Women's Resources of Kawartha Lakes

Business Number: 129818613RR0001

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Campaign Ended June 30, 2016

Every donation helps abused women and their children in our community. Now for the month of June every dollar donated will help us win $10,000.

What would we do with $10,000?

We have just begun a renewal campaign for Amy's Next Step Housing in Fenelon Falls. As you may know, Amy's is an 8 unit apartment complex providing safe short term affordable housing for women who are rebuilding their lives after leaving an abusive situation. What you may not know is Amy's operation relies entirely on donations, grants and rental income. As a result, there have been limited financial resources for capital expenditures. But we can delay no more…

The Amy's Renewal Project goal is $40,000 based on an average of $5,000 in renewal projects per unit.

The upgrades will replacement of fridges and stoves as well as upgrading bathroom fixtures.  The expenditures have been averaged at $5,000 per unit as we seek financial support from local individuals, corporations, service groups and foundations to adopt an apartment unit. A win of $10,000 through the Great Canadian Challenge would be a great start! We offer women staying at the shelter or in the community safe supportive affordable housing. But an investment in the building is needed. It’s time to give Amy’s a renewal.  Many of these women would otherwise face insurmountable barriers to housing as well as risk losing custody of their children. Since 1992, 362 women and 403 children have successfully transitioned to lives free from violence and abuse.

Remember every $1.00 you donate qualifies us to win $10,000!

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