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Registered Name: Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Business Number: 845434802RR0001

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Campaign Ended May 1, 2019

It took over 2 weeks to trap little Foxy Loxy.

She is was very leery and quite wild, but she finally realized she needed help. 

Suffering from a severe case of mange, her eyes were nearly sealed shut and she was starving.  She would have surely perished in the extreme cold weather.   

When she was admitted to the sanctuary, we gave her a good bath and mange medications.  We also gave her pain meds as mange is very itchy and uncomfortable.  The mites that cause mange burrow under the skin, eating away at the hair follicles and causing the skin to be thick and crusty.

Within a few days, she dropped much of her fur, making her look more like a French poodle than a fox!It will take many more weeks of care before she can even go outside into a bigger enclosure.  Right now she is very much compromised and would not be able to stay warm.

She will remain with us until she is finished her meds and fully furred again. We estimate it will cost $500 to care for Foxy Loxy, and any amount that raised over our goal will be allocated to saving and caring for the hundreds of orphaned and injured wildlife we receive each year. 

Heal quickly little Foxy Loxy...spring is almost here!

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