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A new van for Seaquaria Ocean Education

Campaign Ended July 30, 2019

Help Us Bring the Ocean into Classrooms

Seaquaria Ocean Education is an amazing local charity that provides hands-on marine education to schools in the Greater Victoria Region. Seaquaria was created by Yogi and Cathy Carolsfeld with valuable support from the community and a network of talented and dedicated educators.

An initiative of World Fisheries Trust, Seaquaria is a pillar of hands-on environmental education in British Columbia, Canada.We believe that fostering an emotional connection between youth and the environment leads to a more sustainable future. 

Our programs are unique because we bring live invertebrates into classrooms. Students learn empathy while interacting with these amazing animals, and start on their path to becoming stewards of the environment around us.

An essential part of our organization is our van.

We use it to collect fresh saltwater and bring live invertebrates and program materials to schools and events.

We need a new van.

Our current van's transmission is degrading rapidly. We need donations to fund the purchase of a new van by May 31st, 2019. All donations for this campaign will go to the purchase of a gently used passenger or utility van. The more we can raise the better quality van we can afford to purchase for the sake of continuing our work.

Thank you so much for choosing to donate to Seaquaria Ocean Education and World Fisheries Trust for the purchase of a new van. We are immensely grateful to continue bringing Seaquaria's fantastic programming to schools in British Columbia, Canada.

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