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Rohingya Crisis

In less than one month extreme violence has forced more than 400,000 Rohingya people to flee their homes and take refuge in Bangladesh. More Rohingya people have fled in the last four weeks than all Mediterranean migrants in 2016.

Those fleeing have reported that they fled for safety after seeing their family members or neighbours killed or their homes and fields set on fire. The brutal crackdown by the security forces in Myanmar comes after militant attacks against security forces.  However it is civilians that are now being indiscriminately attacked

Rohingya refugees have entered a very small region in Bangladesh that does not have the infrastructure or services to support them. Families are walking day after day in search of safety, but escape from terror is followed by other serious challenges. They have left their homes with nothing and have arrived to nothing, as there is limited shelter, food and medical services available.  Nearly all families have lost loved ones. This crisis has developed so rapidly that the Bangladesh government and humanitarian agencies are overwhelmed.   

We cannot turn our backs.  A Christian response is required.

World Renew’s team in Bangladesh is working in partnership with the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh to provide vital food assistance to Rohingya refugees.

We urgently need your support to feed those who are truly hungry.