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Double your impact for suffering bears

Registered Name: World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada /Société mondiale pour la protection des animaux Canada

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Double your impact for suffering bears

Imagine spending your days alone in a cage so small you can barely move. Twice a day you are moved into a specially designed ‘crush cage’ where a needle is inserted directly into your gallbladder without anesthetic, to extract your bile while you are moaning and shivering from the pain. This is the tragic reality for thousands of bears in China being cruelly exploited for their bile which is then used in various ‘health’ and ‘luxury’ products and sold for profit.

Trapped in bile farms, the bears are often deprived of natural sunlight, are lethargic, in distress, and show signs of abnormal behaviors. Sadly, they are never able to climb trees, play in water, or forage for food as they would in the wild. I know you agree,  this is no life for a bear.

Today, you can help end this torture and fight for their wild lives by giving to our special Holiday Match*. Our generous lead match donors, Sakura’s Hope Foundation, Anna Saroli, and several anonymous donors, have agreed to match your gift dollar for dollar up to $110,000. When you give, your gift will have twice the impact putting pressure on the Chinese government to end bear bile farming and fund research options to provide safe sanctuaries where liberated bears can heal from their trauma.

That means when you give a one-time gift of $32 today it will increase to $64, while a gift of $100 doubles to $200. If you join our Animal Protectors by giving monthly, your next 2 gifts will count towards the match

When you give today, your gift will have 2x the impact and help:    

  • Encourage Chinese medicine practitioners to choose humane herbal and synthetic alternatives instead. 
  • Advocate for a breeding ban in China, to make sure the bears currently in captivity will be the last to suffer such horrors.
  • Keep up the pressure on the Chinese government to end bear bile farming.
  • Research options to provide safe sanctuaries where liberated bears can live a wild life. 
  • Help protect other vulnerable wildlife species, like lions, tigers and pangolins from suffering in the traditional medicine industry.

Your gift today brings us closer to ending the bear bile farming industry for good. Together we can end this nightmare and give bears the life they truly deserve.

*Donations will be matched up to $110,000 until midnight December 31st, 2023 thanks to lead match donors Sakura’s Hope Foundation, Anna Saroli and several anonymous donors.