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World Animal Protection

Registered Name: World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada /Société mondiale pour la pro

Business Number: 129719076RR0001


Campaign Ended Dec. 4, 2019
Giving Tuesday is December 3rd, and you can be part of a group of Canadians that are making big changes for piglets like the one in this photo. Sadly, he is one of millions of piglets that has suffered due to inhumane intensive farming practices that still occur on factory farms globally. 
His initial meeting with a human was a brutal experience. First, his tail was cut off without anaesthetic and he was left with a painful wound. This was only the beginning of the cruelty he suffered as next his ear was notched, a number stamped into it with a sharp metal tool. He was then castrated and his teeth were clipped to stop him from damaging his mothers teats as she struggled to provide milk for her large litter.
Piglets should not have to suffer in this way. You can help put a stop to this.
This Giving Tuesday you can put piglets first and join with your fellow Canadians to raise $50,000, which will be matched by a generous donor to equal $100,000*, so that together we can improve the lives of 450,000 piglets around the world through our campaign work to change policy and practices globally.
Your gift today could prevent the cruel practices these innocent piglets endure on factory farms just days after being born, including tail docking, ear notching, teeth clipping and surgical castration that occur in factory farms. Please, donate today while you can double your impact.
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