World Animal Protection

Registered Name: World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada /Société mondiale pour la pro

Business Number: 129719076RR0001

Help tigers at risk

Thousands of tigers worldwide, particularly in Thailand, are being bred for profit to fuel wildlife entertainment industry. For the mere sake of a selfie, this tiger cub above will live a life caged, chained, beaten and starved. And worst yet, because of the breeding that occurs in some these venues, it is suspected that he may even be killed to be sold in the traditional medicine trade.

The demand for tigers and other wild animals being used for food and traditional medicine, based on speculation they can cure all illnesses, fuels the global wildlife trade, causing unimaginable suffering to millions of animals and putting every person on the planet at risk.

With COVID-19 believed to have originated at wildlife markets, the link can no longer be ignored. This suffering must end for good by every government bringing in a permanent and comprehensive ban on the global wildlife trade.

Alternatives are available in the market that are plant-based and don’t rely on the cub above being stolen from his mother and forced to endure a life of pain and trauma.

Tigers and other wild animals don’t belong to us, they belong in the wild.

Tigers in these venues need you to act now, as we are in a critical stage to help them by pushing the Government of Thailand to adopt better policies on their behalf, which include having a breeding ban. We are also working towards ensuring the temporary ban China and Vietnam have put on the trade of wildlife for food consumption, is made permanent

You can help us put a stop to the suffering of tigers by making a gift today. There’s no going back. Now is the time for governments, organizations and nations to unite to ban the global wildlife trade, to end the suffering of wild animals and protect people.

Let’s do it for wild animals, for us and for our planet.