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YAACAN - Young Africans and Canadians Acting Now

Registered Name: YAACAN - Young Africans and Canadians Acting Now

Business Number: 779494087RR0001

YAACAN - Flood Risk in Canada Mitigation

Campaign Ended June 30, 2020

Program description and goal:

YAACAN’s management team will be helping communities meet their pressing infrastructure needs, protecting families and communities’ critical infrastructure, and supporting continued economic growth by educating the Canadian public on the effects of floods and how to better prepare for them. We believe tackling deforestation is one of the best proactive measures we can take to combat the increase in severe flooding across Canada. Very simply put, the more trees we have on our planet, the more stable our hydrological cycle will be. In an effort to address the growing flooding problem, YAACAN wants to plant more trees and replace impermeable surfaces such as paved areas and roofs with native green flora in order to impact the problem from the source. We will recruit youth volunteers and, with the help of skilled professionals in the field, educate them on flood risks before replacing impermeable surfaces with native green flora and planting more trees. The goal of the project is to educate Canadians on the importance of flood mitigation and the effects of climate change, and to empower youth in fun and engaging ways into wanting to protect our environment. 

Program objectives:

The objectives of this program are to educate the Canadian public on the effects of floods and how to better prepare for them, the human effect on climate change, and to engage Canadian youth in protecting our environment and encourage youth to participate in community projects. In partnership with skilled professionals in the field, our goal is to plant 5,000 trees, depave 30 square meters and retrofit five roofs (or 7500 square feet) within the Greater Toronto Area. We will educate the Canadian public and our volunteers through the use of social media campaigns aimed specifically at addressing flood risk, climate change, depaving and retrofitting standard roofs to green roofs. Using social media platforms as they were designed and intended. We will use outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram which will direct our audience back to our website where they will find the bulk of information related to this project. This will be presented in a very user friendly engaging format. 

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