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The Temple of Light & Rejuvenation Fund

Yasodhara Ashram Society

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The Temple of Light arose from the lifelong dream of the founder of the Ashram, Swami Radha – a dream in which people from all paths and spiritual traditions could connect with each other and share common sacred ground. The Temple represents finding the Light in our own hearts and the shared Light in all traditions.

The original Temple, completed in 1992, was destroyed by fire in June 2014. The architecture – with its round dome, eight doors, many windows and central skylight – symbolized that no matter how we enter, we meet in the Light at the centre, an essence that transcends doctrines.

“I am deeply grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had to be at Yasodhara over the years. You are all in my prayers as you rebuild the Temple.” - Yasodhara Ashram Donor

The Temple of Light is a symbol of hope and unity in a world too often divided.

The spirit of the Temple lives on with plans for an innovative rebuild that is evolving from the original design. The planning and design began in 2014 with Patkau Architects, an internationally-renowned architectural firm.

Although this has been a great loss for our community, we recognize it as an opportunity for renewal. There is potential for great beauty in new beginnings. Your gift to the new Temple of Light would be deeply appreciated.


“Use what we have first” has been one of the Ashram’s mottos since this spiritual centre first began in 1963. When the property was purchased, the abandoned buildings were converted into living, dining, class and devotional spaces. Most of the buildings in use at the Ashram today were built in the 1970s. We continue to care for and upgrade these buildings, and have repurposed several of them to allow for more guest and resident living space. This includes renovations for easier access for people with mobility limitations, more bathrooms and more welcoming places for families.

“In gratitude for the support and encouragement Yasodhara offers to all who seek the Light.” - Yasodhara Ashram Donor


As more guests and Karma Yogis choose to visit the Ashram, our facility needs keep growing. Currently, we need a structure where children can play and learn protected from the sun and rain. In honour of our Saraswati lineage, we envision a designated space for art and music. As our long time sanyasins and residents age, we want them to be able to stay at the Ashram as long as they can. For this to be more possible, we would like to establish housing and facilities especially designed for elders.


The Ashram still relies on the water system that was put in place in the 1970’s. It is now time to upgrade this system so the Ashram can be more resilient as we experience the effects of climate change. Summers are increasingly hotter and drier and forest fires more frequent. Our need for a more robust water supply is evident.