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150 x 150 Fundraising Campaign

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2017

In the spirit of Canada's 150th birthday, we are challenging our community to give the ultimate gift - $150 from 150 people!

This gift will support the creation and implementation of professional development programs for York Region based artists, arts organizations and creative entrepreneurs. The Artrepreneur business accelerator, mentorship and artist-in-residence programs are examples of the type of project your gift will contribute to growing. 

Creatives who participate in these programs go on to have significant impact with the local community and beyond. You have the opportunity to collectively enable this impact and we look forward to sharing all of the success stories with you!

We also want to know, WHY DO YOU SUPPORT ARTS & CULTURE IN YORK REGION? Please type your answer in the message box below when submitting your donation. Your name and reason for supporting will be published on the York Region Arts Council's website (unless you choose to remain anonymous). We want to share with everyone, 150 reasons why supporting arts and culture matter to you.

Ultimately, your generosity will support and champion a vibrant arts community within York Region and enrich the lives of our citizens.

Join us in fulfilling our mission of creating a dynamic York Region arts and culture scene by increasing knowledge, communication and awareness.

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