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Together for Transformation

At the heart of Youth Unlimited are long-lasting, transformative relationships of love and care among vulnerable young people, their families, and their communities.
How we are doing this today looks very different than just a few weeks ago, but our heart, mission, and vision remain the same.
During this pandemic, our youth and families are facing unique challenges – including a significant increase in anxiety and the risk of domestic abuse. The presence – virtually or at a social distance – of Youth Unlimited's team is needed more than ever.

Here's how your support will make a difference:

* Transitioning our Transformational Work Online
Your partnership will rapidly support the transition to connecting with youth more and more online, holding leadership team meetings virtually, working remotely from home and hosting online youth gatherings. This includes increasing subsidies for home internet and cell phones for staff during this time, as well as purchasing required new technologies and equipment.
* Staff Emergency Supports Fund
As we respond to the pandemic, your partnership will ensure our staff receieve the support they need to continue to thrive, including: (a) leadership care and direction to navigate this evolving situation; (b) emergency funding in the event of any shortfalls; (c) continued spiritual and emotional supports to maintain wellbeing.
*Support Infrastructure Fund
We will get to the other side of this COVID-19 season, and your partnership will ensure the sustainability of our core operations to fulfill our four-year vision, "Making Space". This includes: (a) helping us moving into our new headquarters, (b) maintaining the administrative support required to support our field team, (c) providing ongoing vision and leadership for Youth Unlimited across Toronto.
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