Registered Name: Yukon Theatre for Young People Society

Business Number: 886606391RR0001

Our Mission

“To evolve new rituals that answer to the needs of the community with participation-based, multidisciplinary arts projects and events. These spaces will engage audiences, cultivate creative spirits, and ignite conversation.”


Yukon Educational Theatre’s AXIS Community Events project is dedicated to creating community celebration events that warm the heart and nurture the spirit.

The AXIS project includes two one-day, substance-free events that are open to the Yukon community of all ages and backgrounds. These events include:

• The Winterval Santa Parade

• Burning Away the Winter Blues

The project title, AXIS, references the axial tilt of the Earth resulting in the seasons we experience, and is also a play-on-words alluding to the accessible nature of all YET events.

Our celebrations focus on using the arts as a vehicle for community building through events that highlight the Yukon’s unique environment. As Northerners, our experience of extreme climate deeply affects our everyday lives. YET believes in the importance of developing supportive platforms that foster a sense of community and artistic empowerment, by creating accessible events celebrating our territory’s seasons.

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