Google Analytics Guide: Unlock Key Insights about Your Visitors

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Setting up Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager with your CanadaHelps Customizable Donation Forms will help you track key visitor behaviour such as sessions by location and devices, average donation amount, unique versus repeat sessions and more.

CanadaHelps now offers a free guide to help you do just that. Specifically, you will learn how to implement the tracking codes from these tools into your Customizable Donation Forms and configure your setup so that you can collect and analyze data that will reveal key information about your visitors.

In the guide, real examples are used from an actual charity implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to illustrate in detail how to configure and implement various features. It will also provide you with an overview of how to easily import a pre-configured CanadaHelps dashboard into your Google Analytics setup so that you can see relevant information at a glance.

You’re one step away from learning how to unlock key data to accelerate your online fundraising results. Click below to download The CanadaHelps Guide to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Your Customizable Donation Forms.

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