4 Tips to Boost Your Year-end Appeal

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The holiday season can be fun but also overwhelmingly hectic, so you’ll want to make sure your appeal stands out and that your ask is clear enough to get donors to give. 

Here are 4 tips to create an effective year-end appeal:

1. Year-end is the time of year to put concerns of over-communicating aside. Supporters expect to hear from you and you can’t risk your email getting lost. Plan on at least two emails between December 28th-31st, supported by plenty of social media outreach.

2. Falling short of your fundraising goal? Consider re-sending your email to donors who haven’t opened, with a new subject line or forwarding your email with a short, personal note from your Executive Director to appeal to your donors. 

3. All holiday-long you’ve been telling stories. Come tax-time, make a strong, hard-hitting simple and direct ask. Pair the urgency of the tax deadline with a concise message on the vital needs your organization is addressing and the impact a gift will make. Get our free Tax-time Toolkit, complete with messages and ready-to-use graphics.

4. If you haven’t yet, edit or update your existing donation form to match the same content in your emails, so it reinforces the need your charity is addressing and the impact your donor can make. Also, consider increasing your suggested donation amounts or adding a higher value amount just for the holidays.


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