Time to Talk About Tax Receipts

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Are you ready for tax season? This is what you need to know about tax receipts for donations made through CanadaHelps, and how you can help your donors get organized:

  • Most of your donors receive instant tax receipts at the time of their donation. This excludes donors with a CanadaHelps account who choose to receive a single aggregated tax receipt, and any post-event tax receipts issued by your charity when using our Ticketed Events platform.
  • All 2020 donors will receive an email reminder to download their tax receipts using our Receipt Download tool. This is helpful for donors who may have misplaced their receipts and those who have selected to receive an aggregated tax receipt.
  • Event tax receipts cannot be downloaded from the Receipt Download tool. If you sold tickets using our Ticketed Events platform in 2019, please let your donors know to contact your charity if they are missing any event tax receipts. Remember to also send any post-event tax receipts if you haven’t done so yet.


Need to send Ticketed Events tax receipts to your donors? Sign in to your account or get in touch with our team for help: info@canadahelps.org.

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