Fundraising During Uncertain Times

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Due to technical issues during the live presentation, the recording’s audio and video are not in sync.
We’ve edited the gaps in audio to ensure the remaining content is complete and contains some critical information for charities.

Watch a panel discussion and live Q and A with fundraising experts and sector leaders on how you can weather the uncertainty ahead.

Like all of you, we are watching the COVID-19 pandemic unfold. We’ve already heard from many charities who are wondering what to do about their Spring and Summer events, are wary of an upcoming recession, and are generally unsure on the best way to proceed in these uncertain times.

Join some of Canada’s top fundraising experts as they share insights and expertise gained from their combined decades working in the charitable sector and weathering and thriving through previous times of uncertainty.

In this live panel, our experts will:

• Share their best advice for fundraising through uncertainty,
• Provide actionable tips and tactics you can adopt in your fundraising programs, and
• Answer your questions about fundraising during these challenging times

Slides (PDF, 445 Kb)

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