Webinar: How to Use Donor Data to Supercharge Your Year-End Campaign

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Who are your most valuable donors? How do you measure Return on Investment (ROI) for any given campaign? Will you ever master your organization’s endless sprawl of spreadsheets?

Heading into year-end, you’re facing less time and more pressure when it comes to questions like these. But you might already have the answers.

Join CanadaHelps’ Jacob O’Connor and Laura Dempsey to learn how to access the wealth of opportunity waiting in your donor data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• Extract your donor data from your account, and use it to identify prime prospects for your year-end appeals;
• Set up your online fundraising tools to collect the data that defines your campaign’s Return on Investment (ROI);
• Organize your data with naming conventions and models that actually find efficiencies and support your workflow;
• Know when it’s time to give up on spreadsheets and start asking: do we need a Donor Management System (DMS)?

– Jacob O’Connor (VP, Charity Engagement & Growth, CanadaHelps)
– Laura Dempsey (Manager of Partnerships, CanadaHelps)

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