The COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund by CanadaHelps

An easy way to support seniors through COVID-19.

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Support care, advocacy, services and connections for seniors

Support care, advocacy, services and connections for seniors.

Risks for serious complications or death from COVID-19 increase with age. In Canada, we’ve lost far too many seniors already — our parents, friends, partners, grandparents, and neighbours. Nearly 97 per cent of COVID-19 deaths have been people over the age of 60 and deaths in long-term care in Canada are double those of other countries. Thankfully, non-profit care homes across the country have provided significantly safer environments for residents than for-profit homes.

The risk to older people is not just death, but isolation, depression, and lost time with loved ones. As COVID-19 drags into a new year, the charities across Canada providing critical services and care to seniors need your support.

Your gift can help ensure Canadian seniors are well cared for and not alone during this time. The charities in this fund provide high-quality long-term care, meal-delivery services, physical and mental health services, virtual recreation programs, affordable housing, companionship and networking, education, personal support, advocacy, and more.

Your donation will be pooled with gifts of others to help achieve wide-reaching effects and make a real impact. Donate today and help those in need. Plus, get an official charitable tax receipt to qualify for tax credits!


The COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund Progress

What makes up the COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund

What makes up the COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund?

The COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund includes more than 300 registered charities whose work is primarily focused on supporting seniors in Canada.

The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account.

To ensure donations reach charities easily and efficiently, charities must be one of the more than 20,000 charities registered to receive funds electronically from CanadaHelps. Funds will be transferred quarterly, subject to a minimum of $10 per charity.

We regularly update the list of charities in this Fund.

To see the current list of charities included in this Fund click here.

Why Donate

Why Donate to the COVID-19 Seniors Care Fund on CanadaHelps?

The power of many
The power of many
Join with others in your community and support hundreds of charities making a difference!
Your donation will be put to work
Your donation will be put to work
You can rest assured that your donation will go to registered charities. You get a tax receipt, too, which can help reduce your taxes.
Broad impact
Broad impact
Support a wide range of causes that together make your community vibrant, safe, and a great place to live.


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