CECI’s Nepal team already on the scene

CECI’s Nepal team is safe and sound and already working to assess emergency needs while providing immediate relief to victims. Our office in Kathmandu will soon be able to distribute basic necessities to the people (food, water, survival kits, tents, etc.) to meet needs identified by local authorities. Our efforts will provide support to populations in the hardest-hit districts of Sindjupalchowk and Gorkha, where CECI has been active for several years.

CECI Executive Director Claudia Black is calling upon Canadians to give generously. “CECI has been working in Nepal for nearly thirty years. It is the only Canadian international development organization with permanent offices in Kathmandu. CECI has the human resources, knowledge and partner network needed to provide reliable, fast and effective aid on the ground. Help us offer the Nepalese people the relief they need. Every second counts.”

28 Years of field experience in Nepal 
CECI has been operating in Nepal for 28 years. The Nepal team is made up of humanitarian aid experts whose emergency response experience includes the earthquake in Gujrat, India in 2001, Cyclone Narjis in Myanmar in 2008, in the 2010 floods in Pakistan, and the earthquake and tsunami in the Philippines in 2013. CECI was also among the first organizations to provide relief in Haiti in 2010 and is well known for its post-earthquake operational expertise.

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