Global Medic Update: May 6, 2015

The massive relief efforts continue in Nepal as millions of survivors of the recent earthquake have been displaced. In many cases, houses have been completely destroyed or the fear of structural collapse is preventing families from living in their homes – or even within their communities.

As the congestion of relief items being sent to Nepal subsides, more people in affected areas are receiving aid. GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) capacity is growing as new volunteers are continually arriving in Kathmandu and joining up with current teams. Operations have expanded into rural Nepal in the unforgiving landscapes of the country’s less populated areas. GlobalMedic is constantly assessing the needs in affected areas and providing aid that is deemed most essential.

Today, the RRT navigated roadways blocked by landslides to provide hygiene kits, Rainfresh household water purification units, food, and shelter to 92 families in the impoverished village of Maidham. Located in the Nuakort district of Nepal, 100% of homes in Maidham have been destroyed and the isolation has caused extreme living conditions for the 500 residents. To date, GlobalMedic has provided over 20,000 litres of clean drinking water through the AR10 and Trekker water purification systems. Rainfresh units are being distributed daily, along with enough Aquatab water purification tablets to sanitize an additional 350,000L of water.

GlobalMedic’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Team is flying alongside the Nepalese military, who is providing navigational and logistical aid. The UAVs are being used to collect aerial photography and live videography to allow for detailed mapping of the disaster zone. This will facilitate in the prioritizing of communities in need of aid, as well as the planning a direct route in order to access them.

At home in Canada, GlobalMedic’s volunteers are showing great dedication to helping the devastated country by packing household water purification units and additional supplies that are being shipped to Nepal nearly every day.


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