Plan Canada Reports on Day 2

Plan Nepal’s country director, wrote this morning:

“It is starting to rain in many areas, and all over the region people are living outside with little or no shelter, children are crying, and health care facilities are overrun.”

This 7.8 quake was 16 times more powerful than the quake that shook Haiti just over four years ago, and the worst to hit Nepal in 80 years.

Plan staff are reporting widespread destruction, collapsed buildings, schools severely damaged and many roads blocked due to landslides.

“Some of the worst affected areas are communities of Dalit people, sometimes referred to as the ‘untouchable’ caste,” says Mattias. “These are already some of Nepal’s poorest and most marginalized, vulnerable communities, making their needs all the more urgent and acute.”

Our staff are working around the clock to prepare for the coordinated distribution of immediate aid and trying to reach remote rural communities to help.

We will provide life-saving emergency assistance, and will ensure we reach children and the most vulnerable people to get them what they need to recover.

Source: Plan Canada Email, April 26, 2015

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