The Little RES Q is Ontario’s first CRA registered charity reptile rescue specializing in one of the world's most misunderstood animals, the Red Ear Slider.

Starting life as a coin sized pet, sliders often grow up to a foot in length and require aquariums larger than most people assume, and many of these creatures find their way into local streams and rivers.

As a privately run shelter that does not receive any formal government assistance, we rely solely on donations from the public to continue our mission to provide a temporary shelter for reptiles that no longer have a place to call home as we work on our largest project to date: Audrey's Legacy.

We want to build a massive turtle sanctuary called Audrey's Legacy. It will allow us to:

-Run at increased capacity to shelter turtles
-Provide turtles with a more natural environment in which to live
-Save many turtles from being euthanized
-Protect native wildlife ecosystems by preventing the release of invasive species

Thank you for adding your voice and speaking up for the reptiles in need.

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BN: 817208812RR0001

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