We want anyone in Alberta, regardless of their diagnosis, to be able to express themselves, create meaning in their life, and feel connected to their community.

We strive every day to make this a reality for people that come to the Excel Society by providing meaningful enrichment experiences.

You can be the Excel Advantage and help enrich a life by joining the Excel Society making a gift to our Enrichment Fund.

Enriching a life is simple and rewarding when you take the first step and join the Excel Society with a gift to the Excel Society Enrichment Fund:

The Ladder Project
• A Multi-Faceted Strategic Initiative To Improve Person-Centered Treatment In Acute Emergency Care For People With Developmental Disabilities And Cognitive Impairments.

Artistic Enrichment
• Help a client access artistic supplies and experiences.

Musical Enrichment
• Help a client access musical instruments and experiences.

Recreational Enrichment
• Help a client access sport, leisure or recreational activities.

Holiday Enrichment
• Help a client have a simple holiday or celebrate a special occasion.


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