Partera Peacebuilders International

The Prince of Peace whose birth we mark in these weeks of Christmas invites us, as daughters and sons of God, to love our Enemies. Partera Peacebuilders International is a project partner of the Shelburne Primrose Pastoral Charge, creating a link to work that is changing lives around the world, bringing peace to communities in conflict. Partera is Spanish for midwife. We don’t deliver babies, but we deliver a method of peace education that assumes that everything training participants need to know to build peace has already been gestating inside of them since forever. Our job is to accompany them as they labour together to give birth to the future for which they yearn. Right here in our community, we offer workshops in which we can talk about the issues of conflict and brokenness that affect our lives. Peacemaking everywhere.

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BN: 108141516RR0001

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