Vancouver Firefighter Charities is how firefighters help people when they’re not at the firehall. Firefighters raise funds, then build programs to help in-need people directly. All programs and fundraisers are managed by off-duty Vancouver Firefighters, who give their personal time, and also donate funds directly to VFC through voluntary payroll donations.

The job of 830 Vancouver Firefighters is to protect citizens' lives and property, responding to all hazards and emergencies. But it doesn't stop there and they don't stop at the end of their shift. Yearly our Vancouver Firefighters voluntarily donate over 3,000 off-duty hours to charities, and over $180,000 from their paycheques.

In 2020, the Vancouver Firefighters' Payroll Donation program raised over $180,000 for charitable programs. For example, in 2020, the Snacks for Kids Nutritional Program will ensure that 300,000 food donations will be made to almost 3000 at-risk youth in 50 Vancouver schools. These children come to school hungry, but they don't stay that way! VFC has other programs as well.

The VFC also supports a multitude of organizations throughout the Lower Mainland. Please visit!

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