A Safe Place offers a broad range of supports and resources for domestic abuse. Our mission is support change and build lasting solutions to end domestic abuse in our community. Because A Safe Place provides more than a bed, we can be anywhere you need to be.

In addition to emergency shelter services, A Safe Place operates the following:

• A Crisis and Shelter Intake Line- for any member of the community seeking information and support about domestic abuse. And, when demand for emergency shelter services exceeds capacity, we connect individuals and families to safe alternatives;

• A Outreach program- providing one-on-one supports to non-residential clients navigating abuse;

• Public Education- responsive programs that build community capacity for addressing domestic violence;

• Second Stage Housing that bridges the gap to long term stability and addresses the barrier of affordable housing to achieving a lifetime free from abuse.

• A comprehensive set of services that provide a wholistic approach to supporting women and children. (advocacy, education, counselling, supported referrals, and more).

Your gift to A Safe Place supports lasting change, building a safer, stronger, a

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