On a busy day in December 2012, Tiny came to the Fredericton SPCA Adoption Centre. He was taped up in a cardboard box with another much smaller cat, and left in the front lobby. Tiny weighed 30.2 pounds.

Tiny’s journey has been amazing. He quickly became noticed by international newsmakers and became a sought after commodity. His story has been seen on such high profile sites as CNN.com, People.com, CTV News, Perez Hilton and even Pee Wee Herman’s websites. A fund called Tiny’s Medical Fund was set up to help pay for his weight loss and eventually to help other animals that needed help at the FSPCA.

Tiny came a long way from that taped box in 2012, but sadly he succumbed to his years of obesity, on February 17th, 2017, surrounded by his adopted Mom and dog sisters Ebony and Abby. His influence reached far and wide, and he touched the hearts of many people and the lives of many pets.

Today, his medical fund is still helping those animals in need. Rest in Peace Tiny, your work is done. We will miss you.


BN: 837557479RR0001

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