Little RES Q wants to build a massive turtle sanctuary, allowing
Little RES Q to:
• Increase capacity to shelter turtles
• Provide turtles with a more natural environment in which to live
• Save many turtles from being euthanized
• Protect native wildlife ecosystems by preventing the release
of invasive species

Phase one of the project will involve the installation of the perimeter fence, security systems, and special climber proof animal inclusion fencing around the ponds already on site. The addition of flood control gates and aeration windmills will control the water level, temperature, and oxygen levels to give the turtles the best chance at living the best life in the sanctuary.

The fully realized final phase of the project will see the expansion of current ponds and the addition of new ponds creating a massive 20 acre permanent home for Ontario’s non-native red eared slider population. By providing such a large space for what are otherwise an invasive species, the Little RES Q is helping to protect our native wildlife ecosystems.

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BN: 817208812RR0001

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