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Our mission is summarized by our motto: Care - Control - Cause - Cure

We assist vasculitis patients, and their families, with information, and support, to help them develop a strong and positive outlook so as to improve the care and control of their vasculitis. We encourage, support and fund research efforts into the cause and cure of all forms of vasculitis.

A family of 26 diseases - more common, and more serious, than you think!

Vasculitis is a family of about 26 separate, but related, diseases within the larger family of about 115 arthritic diseases. Vasculitis diseases are considered rare diseases, and affect people of all ages, gender and ethnicity, they are not contagious or hereditary.

Vasculitis is an inflammation of the wall of blood vessels, arteries, veins, or capillaries. When such inflammation occurs, it causes changes in the blood vessel wall such as weakening and narrowing that can progress to the point of blood vessel blockage or hemorrhage. Vasculitis can cause tissues and organs to be starved of blood which can result in irreversible tissue and organ damage, and can even lead to death. There is no known cause or cure for the primary types of vasculitis.

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