2023 has been the first year with no lockdown interruptions since 2019. It would seem like we're back to normal, right? Well, yes… and no.

Despite all of the incredible programming we have been able to offer in 2023 , we are still only operating at 70% capacity and are facing considerable headwinds as we prepare for 2024.

Organizations are contending with the same financial stress individuals are experiencing. Between inflation, the rising costs of living in Toronto, and the contracting state of public funding for the media arts sector, operations are going to be extremely difficult in the year to come.

In order to continue to serve our community better, one thing is for certain: we need to do more than to just make ends meet. We need to THRIVE. How can you help us do that? You can donate!

LIFT has been through over four decades of incredible highs and lows. We are still here because the films community needs us. But we also need your support to meet the challenges the future holds.

With your help we can continue to support those who want to make films on their own terms!

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