Make Your Fundraiser a Success

Thinking of launching an online fundraiser in support of your favourite charity? With a few simple tips, you can supercharge your fundraiser page and raise even more for your favourite cause! Here are our top 12 tips to make your charity fundraiser a smashing success:

Create a fundraising page that people want to read and share.

1. A fundraiser is about more than money; it’s about a story.

Tell supporters why you’ve chosen the cause you are fundraising for. If you have a personal connection to the charity or cause, share it to create a more compelling reason to give.

2. Share impact!

Supporters are more likely to give if they know the impact their donations will have. If you’re aiming to raise $1,000, tell your donors how far that money will go. Will it provide lifesaving vaccines for 100 children? Will it feed five families for a month? Or will it buy 200 books for an impoverished school? Share it with your supporters.

3. Don’t just tell! Show them, too.

Pictures and videos are also a great way to connect with potential supporters. Bring the charity’s cause alive and illustrate the work they do. Share personal pictures if you’re preparing for a personal challenge or sporting event, or share photos of the person you’re honouring.

Show progress and inspire giving

4. Set a goal.

Set your goal high enough to inspire people to give, but at a level reasonable enough that people won’t be intimidated. When you set a goal, donors also feel a sense of accomplishment as they help you get closer to that goal!

5. Set a deadline.

When you set a deadline, your supporters will feel a sense of urgency to donate now instead of waiting. If your circumstances change, you can extend your deadline later!)

6. Start with a donation!

You can either make the first donation yourself, or reach out to a few people who are likely to donate before reaching out to your whole network. Having a couple donations will help set the tone for your fundraiser and show momentum.

Use every opportunity to spread the word.

7. Get social!

Social media is a great way to reach out to a wider audience. Share your fundraiser online when you launch, and then share regular updates on your progress or a countdown to your final deadline. You can also use social media to thank your donors or encourage friends to share your fundraiser with their networks.

8. Don’t forget offline opportunities!

Get out from behind the keyboard! At a party? Tell your friends about your fundraiser and what inspired you to get started. At work? Mention it to colleagues while you’re waiting for a meeting to begin or post a small flyer in the staff room or common area.

9. Get creative!

Add a link in your email signature. Print a flyer and hang it at your local coffee shop, laundromat, or community centre. Talk about it with people who may have a larger (or different) network than you. Tell your priest, Imam or Rabbi, tell your boss, mention it to teachers, coaches, or parents at your child’s school. You never know who might be in a position to help you!

Motivate your donors

10. Consider prizes or rewards!

Rewards and incentives are a great way to encourage people to donate. You can draw one lucky donor and give them a prize (offer anything from a free coffee, a favour, or a surprise gift) or record a personal message thanking them.

11. Give them something in return.

Offer to give supporters something in return for supporting you. For instance, host a fundraising dinner for a predetermined donation amount or provide some other service, offer to babysit, wash their car, do their taxes, or mow their lawn for a minimum donation!

12. Don’t be shy.

However you choose to promote your fundraising event, don’t be shy. Many people will be happy to support your cause, but they can’t give if you don’t ask!

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