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A big part of our Mission at CanadaHelps has always been to connect donors with charities and to democratize access to, and distribution of, giving technology.

We’re living in an era where people expect to be able to do things on their own time – wherever and whenever they want – in frictionless ways. In Canada, charitable giving is strongly supported by older donors. As our population ages, reaching a younger demographic will be essential to the long-term strength of the charitable sector; however, younger donors have a different approach to giving than generations that came before. CanadaHelps wants to play an active role in engaging a new generation of donors in charitable giving, which is why I’m proud to announce our newest partnership with the financial app, Mylo.

Mylo is a “round up to invest” app, and now their users can “round up to give.” With every debit or credit card transaction a Mylo user makes, they can automatically support their favourite charity with spare change from their purchase. Morning coffee? Donation. Groceries? Donation. Night out? Donation. CanadaHelps and Mylo do all the work to ensure the chosen charities receive the gift, and the donor receives the tax receipt directly in the Mylo app. It makes giving to charities effortless, and it’s now even easier to fit charitable giving into any budget.

I love that this app has the potential to inspire and build great giving habits with younger generations, and also enable this innovative way to give to all of Canada’s 86,000 charities using CanadaHelps. This partnership fits so well into our mission to democratize access to effective fundraising technology. There is no extra work or money required for charities to be discovered on the Mylo app, but it is a great opportunity for charities to reach out and build relationships with younger donors or to encourage their current donors to give in a more consistent way.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up through CanadaHelps, you’ll get $5 free in your Mylo account to give to your favourite charity. Plus, if you share the love and refer a friend, and you’ll each earn $5 to donate to your favourite charity!


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