Easily Import Your CanadaHelps Donation Data Into Your Raiser’s Edge CRM

JMG SolutionsStewarding your donors just got easier! All CanadaHelps clients are now eligible to save over 50% off the list price of the JMG Solution Super Importer and Exporter Raiser’s Edge Plug-in. Available to CanadaHelps Clients for a one-time software fee of $1,900 plus $450 annual maintenance fee, this robust plug-in will enable you to:

  • Easily identify and associate new constituent records with an existing CRM donor record
  • Auto-update data structure to ensure each imported field meets your data requirements and best practices
  • Automatically assign campaign, funds and appeals based on different CanadaHelps.org donation services and custom donation forms
  • Import your CanadaHelps donation data directly into a new batch into Raiser’s Edge

Whether you have a standard or deeply customized Raiser’s Edge set-up, this plug-in will save you time and make it even easier to build strong relationships with your donors.

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That’s it! Once set-up, importing new donation records as frequently as you like is easy.

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See What Others Have to Say

“We’ve been using the JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter for over two years and I am eternally grateful that it exists for Raiser’s Edge specialists like me. JMG Solutions plugin enables us to import many different CSV files. The plugin makes importing both constituents and gifts in one step very simple. Just some simple mapping fields that as part of JMG Solutions’ service, and from there, it’s just some simple clicking to complete the upload to Raiser’s Edge on my end. We’ve uploaded not only countless gifts that come in on our third-party donation site like CanadaHelps, but also many guests who have registered online for our large annual gala using yet another third party vendor. The amount of data entry time saved for our finance and event teams has been huge, which is time better spent on raising funds for our youth.” -Susan Y., Database Administrator at Children’s Aid Foundation

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