Biking for Buffering Brains Like Mine

In 2018, my life changed dramatically when I took a tumble down a flight of concrete stairs. Ever since, I've been living with ongoing concussion symptoms as part of the aftermath of that injury.

Learning to live with a brain injury is no small feat. Everything you have ever known about yourself seems to crumble in your grasp and you're left, not to glue the pieces back together, but to build a new version of yourself. About a year ago, I started The Buffering Brain as a way to come to terms with a life that I had never pictured for myself. Yet, what began as a sounding board quickly became a vehicle to help others as well.

Over the past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with other organizations to raise awareness about concussions and other brain injuries. This Brain Injury Awareness Month, I would like to support the Ontario Brain Injury Association whom I've worked with in the past. They've done amazing work on educating the public in this regard!

As part of this fundraiser, I'm pledging to cycle every day of June. Cycling has been a vital aspect of my recovery by greatly reducing my symptoms throughout the day. I can think of no better personal challenge than this pledge. Join me on my goal to increase concussion and brain injury awareness by donating whatever you can spare. If a donation is not feasible for you, it would mean the world to me if you could share this fundraiser with others. Let's reach my goal of raising $500 this month for the Ontario Brain Injury Association!

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