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Danica's Sing-Loo Fundraiser for the Toronto Children's Chorus

Danica has been enjoying her time with the Toronto Children's Chorus for the last several years! The first two years, she was a part of the Pre Choir program and this year is her first year in the Preparatory Choir.

She's not only learnt a lot about music and about singing with a group, but has really developed an interest and love for singing. She always hums and sings throughout the day (unknowingly), and so being a part of the TCC has been a good way to nurture these skills and to further develop them. 

Although this season has been one with lots of challenges and great adjustments for everyone in the choir, Danica worked hard in doing her part and we really enjoyed the Christmas Concert in December! 

The Toronto Children's Chorus has been a wonderful way for Danica to connect with others in such a challenging year where social and personal connections have been put to the test. The professionalism and passion of all the teaching and administrative staff have given our family something to look forward to on a weekly basis.

We hope that this fundraiser will help to bring some encouragement and acknowledgement to the great work that TCC has done and will continue to do. Thank you! 

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