First We Run

Within the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there are a multitude of First Nations families that do not have access to clean, drinkable water. This essential resource is a human right, it occupies their time and effort away from their daily life, and so much of it plays a role in stagnating their community growth.

Recognizing this, as a group of students, we decided to take action. With the support from the NGO organization, Water First, we jump started First We Run, a student start up that aims to spread awareness of water scarcity, as well as raise money for the Water First Foundation.

You can help Indigenous communities with your contribution by donating and supporting us by sharing the fundraiser with others. Our first initiative is to run a student competition that addresses and raises money for the water scarcity issue that is prevalent in the First Nations community. These students will be faced with a water-specific prompt related to the water crisis that requires creativity and innovation in order to win. For this competition, our aim is for future leaders to become aware of the issues in the First Nations community, especially addressing the water scarcity issue. In the meantime, fundraising is still a huge priority of ours to reach our fundraising goal. 

With the backing of Water First, all that is left is your support. Any amount of donations or sharing would mean so much to the families and us. Please feel free to follow our Instagram, firstwe_run, for news and updates to our process.

$3 raised of $200 goal

1 week, 5 days to go
Fundraiser Ends April 30, 2021