Live Wild, Love Wildlife

Our beautiful British Columbia is blessed with a great bounty of nature and wildlife. Roving the wilderness of Northern BC in search of adventure, as we often do at every chance we get, our family has come to develop a deep appreciation and respect for the awe-inspiring beauty and breadth of our biodiversity and landscapes.

At the same time, we have grown worrisome about its future – with so much development and the resulting habitat loss and growing list of endangered species, will our children, Queenie and Synnie, and their own children, be able to experience the same? Will they be able to witness the vigor of salmon and majesty of caribou outside the pages of an encyclopedia?

For all the joy and awe that BC’s nature has provided us on our wilderness adventures, it is time for our family to return the favour. We feel that it is our – not just our family but everyone who calls BC their home – responsibility to protect and conserve our wildlife and their habitats so that our next generations have a beautifully green and balanced future to look forward to.

As members of the BC Wildlife Federation, we share in the organization’s vision of “Leading the conservation and wise use of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife and habitat.” That is why we reach out to our family and friends to ask for help in upholding this vision. Your contributions, however big or small, will support BCWF’s many conservation initiatives and, more importantly, will teach our children that we must do everything we can to preserve and protect the beauty and bounty that nature has gifted us.

Queenie, Synnie, and our entire family thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have any questions about our family fundraising campaign, please contact Jessica at! For more information about BCWF's wonderful conservation efforts, please visit!

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