Poems for Beloved Canadian Veterans

An incredible Canadian soldier and leader, Maj. John Patrick Hill is a Major served in the Army as a UN peacekeeper for over 30 years and a First Responder since his retirement from the Canadian Armed Force in the 1990s. After witnessing many of his buddies are suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its related mental problems, we all realize that the research in mental health is critical and beneficial to veterans or people who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. In the hope of raising awareness of this mental problem and help people and veterans in need, I sincerely wish kind people like you can donate your time writing some love poems to glorify these veterans and fundraising the mental health research unit. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. 

I will end my message with my poem for all fallen soldiers:

Fallen Solders

In the steamings of heat waves,

the wavings of scarlet poppies,

are the best endowment

of your glorious sacrifices. 

Salute to our fallen soldiers,

who built a passageway,

so we can sail our adventurous boat

for the brightest future.

Salute to our standing Heros,

who remain solitary with honours,

guarding and guiding our land

with love, loyalty and wisdom. 

Lest us forget

these selfless giants,

for keeping our land

peaceful and safe. 

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