Raise Autism Awareness and Support Opportunities

Donate to Autism Ontario London and help make opportunities for families and individual with autism experience something positive.

Canadian statistics reflects 1 in 66 children and youth are diagnosed with autism, visually that is 1 child per school bus.

Your donation can help Autism Ontario London to continue ongoing support and programs to families and individuals with autism. 

Autism Ontario London is a non-profit organization, that helps families and individuals with autism find resources, supports, opportunities and connections with other families.  We are often the first organization families reach out to looking for help.

"As a parent it is heartbreaking when you want to help your child and you feel like you are floundering, not knowing what you should do first, who to contact or what to believe on the internet. It is overwhelming, often the advice you are given seem like clichés and you want to reach out to people that understand your world.  I reached out to Autism Ontario London and found the support I needed.  That was thirteen years ago.  I believe in the organization, and took a role within the organization to offer the support that those before me offered me.  As the London Chapter Development Coordinator, I never know what my day will look like or who I may be speaking to, but knowing that I have helped a family makes me feel good about what I do.  Seeing a child and family smile at our events and their progress makes me glow with pride for their achievements. “Kelly Wilson, Autism Ontario London -Chapter Development Coordinator. 

Autism is a complex life-long neurological disorder that affects the way a person communicates and relates to the people and world around them.

It is a spectrum disorder meaning that each person experiences certain difficulties to different degrees and conditions range. 

Every individual with autism deserves to be understood and supported.



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