Supporting the Children in and Around Orange Walk Belize.

I have gone to Belize for the past two years on service trips with Millwoods Christian School. I have grown strong relationships with the kids and the staff whom I will unfortunately not be able to see again in 2021. I have been able to see the poverty and struggle these kids have to deal with constantly, so I can't imagine what they are feeling right now during the pandemic. A lot of the kids I had a pleasure to play and serve had told me how they look forward to us coming every year. Many kids end their school experiences by the time they are in standard (grade) 6 to either work or upgrade to a higher level of education; so I will be unable to see them again. Since I cannot be there physically to help the kids or say goodbye, the least I could do is set up a way to get them as much support as possible. I cannot imagine the loneliness and the stress they are feeling at a time like this, and unfortunately, being as privileged as I am, will probably never be able to understand. 

Trips to Belize have been going since 2008. Over that time the school has built 5 aquaponics systems, several houses, operated many sports and drama camps, painted many schools and parks, and more. 

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