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We are at a critical moment in our world today.  

War, conflict, persecution, natural disasters and even the pandemic of COVID-19 has brought not only physical challenges but also deep emotional wounds.  

In northern Uganda where I Live Again Uganda was formed and is based, this region of the country endured more than 22 years of war. 

"Just because the guns are silent it does not mean that the war is over.  The trauma and the memories of war echo in the hearts and minds of of those that lived it." I Live Again Uganda's Founder

I Live Again Uganda has been providing mental health care of not only those from this region, but also refugees from South Sudan and DRC.  We recognize that mental health is an essential need for every individual.  If we do not address the mental health crisis in our world right now, it will have devastating effects on generations to come.

We can change the mental health crisis in our world today.

Imagine a place where men, women, children, leaders and even pastors can come from all over the world to receive healing, renewed hope and restored identity.  This is the goal of what we want to achieve at The Potter's House in Uganda.

The Potter's House is a place of encounter.  Its a safe place for people from all over the world to come receive counseling, therapy, faith based support, rest and refreshment.  It will be a place where healing begins, hope abounds and identity is restored.

From now until July 1st all donations towards The Potter's House will be matched up to $50,000!

We need your support today.  The mental health crisis is happening now.  We can make a difference right now.  Together we can build a place where healing begins, hope abounds and identity will be restored!

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Fundraiser Ends July 1, 2021
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June 11, 2021, 8:47 p.m. Anonymous IAFR Canada $1,000.00
This is amazing what you are doing!
June 10, 2021, 7:53 a.m. Anonymous IAFR Canada $20,000.00
So excited to see what God is doing through this organization. You guys are amazing.