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Welcome to The Travel Agent Next Door Fit-Trip Donation Page.

The Travel Agent Next Door and Pencils for Kids have teamed up to encourage physical activity and raise awareness for the charity and people of Niger. As you are aware, for every $10 donation, you will receive an additional entry into the grand prize draw for one of 6 amazing prizes available.

On top of this, The Travel Agent Next Door will match each $10 donation with an additional $10, up to a whopping $2000. Your money will help Pencils for Kids fund some needed scholarships for girls to help them stay in school.

We will be able to track your donations in order for you to receive any additional entries into the grand prize draw. So, please make sure you write your full name when donating. Winners will be announced on live webinar on September 1st, 2020.

Pencils for Kids is a charity which is very close to our hearts. In 2016, The Travel Agent Next Door were looking for a keynote speaker for our annual conference, and when we approached Robin Mednick, she advised us that her fee would be donated 100% to Pencils for Kids. A bond was formed and Pencils for Kids is now the main charity for The Travel Agent Next Door.

Niger is an incredibly poor country with many having to live on less than $1 a day – and not only are children sharing pencils in school, but girls don’t normally get to go to secondary school. The charity’s grassroots efforts really resonated with TTAND.  Robin and the team at Pencils for Kids initially rounded up and shipped school supplies, but quickly realized that their efforts could be longer term so focused on fundraising for education, both on academic and technical sides. The first Pencils for Kids schools opened outside Niger’s capital in 2007.

Over the past 15 years, the mission of Pencils for Kids has been to deliver durable resources –buildings, equipment and supplies but also, and above all, training, education and expertise – to enable the people of Liboré, Niger to build a more sustainable and resilient community. The core programs - Farmers of the Future, Scholarships for Girls and Sewing Centre for Girls - have all been designed with these goals in mind.  They have remained a fully volunteer organization with no paid staff – and the original small group of people, remain on the team to this day.

Under the current circumstances, the effects of COVID-19 on the people of Niger are astronomical. The cost of every product has doubled or tripled, isolation is simply not possible given the need to go to the crowded markets every day to buy food, and ventilators are non-existent.  Which is why we want to do our bit to help during these trying times.

The staff, travel agents and supplier partners of The Travel Agent Next Door are all so thrilled that our donations go towards such a tangible result. We have seen how our donations have impacted the lives of an entire community and improved their lives.

You can learn more about the charity by visiting their website, or watching this video.

We know that this is the most trying time for the travel business – and for each of you personally.  Knowing that you are thinking of others during this challenging time in your own lives, says everything about you.  Thank you for donating .... your donation will make a difference.

$12,528 raised of $6,000 goal

1 year, 4 months to go
Fundraiser Ends June 1, 2022