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Protect the environment

Protect the environment for this generation and generations to come!

Less than 11 percent of Canada’s plastics get recycled. The rest end up in our lakes, parks, landfills, and oceans, destroying ecosystems and leaching toxic chemicals. We must take action and reduce the destruction of ecosystems. The Protect the Environment Fund supports Canadian charities working to ensure the health of our planet by protecting our water, air, and natural habitats.

You can help fight climate change and protect the environment for future generations by funding work that nurtures the health, diversity, and sustainability of our environment through initiatives aimed at preserving and conserving our parks and forests.

Your donation will be pooled with gifts of others like you to help achieve wide-reaching effects and make a real impact. Donate today and help those in need. Plus, get an official charitable tax receipt to qualify for tax credits!

CanadaHelps Protect the Environment Fund

What makes up the CanadaHelps Protect the Environment Fund?

The CanadaHelps Protect the Environment Fund includes over 530 registered charities who are working to protect our environment and conserve our parks and forests.

The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account. This Fund includes charities protecting natural parks, trails, and watersheds, forest conservancies, wildlife societies, and much more.

To ensure donations reach charities easily and efficiently, charities must be one of the more than 20,000 charities registered to receive funds electronically from CanadaHelps. Funds will be transferred quarterly, subject to a minimum of $10 per charity. We regularly update the list of charities in this Fund.

To see the latest list of charities included in this Fund, please download the list here.

Why donate to a Fund on CanadaHelps

Why donate to a Fund on CanadaHelps?

The power of many
The power of many.
Join others and support hundreds of charities making a difference with a single donation!
Trusted, local, registered charities
Trusted, local, registered charities!
Your donation goes to trusted, registered charities. You get a tax receipt too, which can help reduce your taxes.
Broad impact
Broad impact.
Support a wide range of causes that together make your community vibrant, safe, and a great place to live.

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