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In addition to being a physical health crisis, COVID-19 has become a mental health crisis. After six months of the pandemic, 1 in 10 Canadians reported recent thoughts or feelings of suicide, in addition to 40% of Canadians who reported a decline in their mental health1. Many struggle in silence due to the stigma surrounding mental illness, while others who need help don’t have any place to turn.

You can make a difference by funding critical work to ensure those who need help can access the support they need, and to give the people in our communities the knowledge and resources needed to recognize, advocate for, and support mental health. The Support Mental Health Fund helps Canadian charities fighting to ensure no one has to struggle alone.

Your gift will support a range of critical services such as crisis support, counselling, education, and other types of treatment and professional support services. It can help a family treat a child struggling with severe anxiety, provide crisis intervention for someone considering suicide, or help a trauma survivor overcome their experience.

Your donation will be pooled with gifts from others like you to help achieve wide-reaching effects and make a real impact. Donate today and help those in need. Plus, get an official charitable tax receipt to qualify for tax credits!

Support Mental Health Fund

What makes up the Support Mental Health Fund?

The CanadaHelps Support Mental Health Fund includes more than 470 registered charities supporting mental health and fighting mental illness.

The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account. This Fund includes community programs, research foundations, support groups, crisis helplines, treatment centres, advocacy groups, and more.

To ensure donations reach charities easily and efficiently, charities must be one of the more than 20,000 charities registered to receive funds electronically from CanadaHelps. Funds will be transferred quarterly, subject to a minimum of $10 per charity. We regularly update the list of charities in this Fund.

To see the latest list of charities included in this Fund, you can view the list here.

Become a Matching Partner

If you represent a company interested in partnering with CanadaHelps to match or make a major gift in support of the Support Mental Health Fund, contact us at

Why donate to a Fund on CanadaHelps

Why donate to a Fund on CanadaHelps?

The power of many
The power of many.
Join others across Canada to support hundreds of charities making a difference!
Your donation will be put to work
Your donation will be put to work.
You can rest assured that your donation will go to registered charities. You get a tax receipt, too, which can help reduce your taxes.
Broad impact
Broad impact!
Support a wide range of mental health causes that together make our communities healthy, safe, and a great place to live.

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