Take Control of Donor Data with the CanadaHelps-Salesforce Connector

Your donor data can be imported directly into your Salesforce CRM with the completely free CanadaHelps-Salesforce Connector. Install now, and you’ll be able to:

  • Export your CanadaHelps data as a CSV that can be uploaded directly to Salesforce,
  • Track imports with at-a-glance updates, troubleshooting reports, and completion emails,
  • Adjust your custom field mapping as needed for data cleanliness, and;
  • Start transferring your data in minutes.

Get started by downloading the free app from the link below.

You’ll need your Salesforce login information to sign in and install the app. Then, check out our help guides, linked below.


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Need help getting started?

      1. Download the User Guide
      2. Download the Installation & Configuration Guide for Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack Edition or Enterprise Edition