JMG Solutions is Canada’s leading independent provider of consulting, training and integration tools for Blackbaud products, including The Raiser’s Edge. The JMG Solutions team has been serving Canadian charities for over 20 years, and has helped more than 700 nonprofit organizations in Canada.

The JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Raiser’s Edge Plug-in is a tool created, managed, sold and supported by JMG Solutions. CanadaHelps has negotiated a special price available to all CanadaHelps clients, that provides a discount of over 50% off the standard list rate. To receive this discounted rate, CanadaHelps clients must complete the form located at Once submitted, the JMG Solutions team will contact you and work with you on all sales and support matters.

No, the JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Plug-in is run within Raiser’s Edge so no additional modules are required.

Yes! The JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Plug-in uses an exported .CSV File.

No, the JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Plug-in is tested with every version of Raiser’s Edge, if any update is required, this will be made available.

No, JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Plug-in is fully backwards compatible with Raiser’s Edge version 7.83 and above. However, version 7.92 or greater is preferred. If you are using a version prior to version 7.92, please email

No, the plug-in is not available in the hosted version of Raiser’s Edge today, however; we are working with Blackbaud to have our plug-in available to hosted clients. We hope to have an update on this soon.

Depending on the 3rd party, it might be available. Please email to see if this plug-in can work for you.

Yes, the system will use a pre-defined algorithm to check to see if the donor is already in the system. If the interface finds the donor, the donation will be assigned to that donor. If one cannot be found, a new constituent will be created.

Yes, the JMG Solutions Super Importer and Exporter Plug-in allows you to choose which Campaign, Fund and Appeal the gifts are associated with. Also, when new donors are created, you can define which Constituent Code is assigned. There are a number of constituent and gift defaults, which can be set such as phone types, receipt stack, etc.

No, the interface allows you to enter different fundraising campaigns and decide which Campaign/Fund/Appeal/Package to apply the donations to.

Yes, our plug-in will automatically take all of the donation dates and will be created into one or more batches depending on your defaults.

Yes, if you have the tribute module, then tribute records (for both the deceased and next of kin) are found or created and the donations are linked to the correct record. If you do not have the Tribute module, data will be mapped into a notepad on the gift record.

Currently, the interface does not clean up or modify the data in any way. The data will be imported as entered by the donor, however; we are reviewing methods for cleaning up the data before importing into Raiser’s Edge and this may appear in a future release.

Yes, you can choose if the interface creates queries of the records imported.

Yes, an electronic manual is provided in PDF format.

Yes, you can email or visit the support page at

Within the mapping document created for CanadaHelps import, each field has a Custom Values column. This column allows you to transform the data before it’s entered in Raisers’ Edge. We have a large number of custom functions which allow you to “Data Transform” the data as needed. For example, you want Address Line 2 to appear before Address Line 1 with a – between them. With our replace function (brackets) you can add a command to the custom values column as illustrated below.


Yes, during the mapping of data, you can add your own “Custom Fields”. For example, if you wanted a Constituent Attribute called “Language” with the description of “English” added to each new Constituent record added, this can be done as illustrated in the image below.

image 2

Yes, if the plug-in created the recurring gift, then all payments processed by will be added and linked to the recurring gift.

Yes, the interface will create a cash gift for the one time gifts and a recurring gift for the monthly gifts.