Coming Soon: Maximize Online Donations from Your Website for Beginners

In today’s always-on digital ecosystem, we’re often told that “anything” is possible when it comes to connectivity and relationship building. Technology has provided us with endless opportunities for instant gratification, whether it’s learning something new, donating, making a purchase, playing games, contacting a friend, signing a petition, booking travel, or one of countless other distractions that can present themselves at any given moment.

For us charities, it’s easier, faster and more affordable than ever to connect with supporters online, publish timely updates about our work and impact, fundraise and accept donations. The website is the most critical piece of the puzzle for maximizing online donations but it’s easy to lose a visitor within just seconds if the online experience is subpar. With so many things pulling at our attention, it’s more important than ever to implement online best practices.

This beginner’s guide will help you ensure you’ve implemented the do’s and avoided the don’ts of online giving so you can keep your site’s visitors engaged and help more of your visitors take the next step in the path.

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