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Bonny Lea Farm (South Shore Community Service Association)


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Annual Fund Drive

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When was the last time you felt joy?


Your support has an impact and brings joy to the participants who live and work at Bonny Lea Farm. It provides them with daily opportunities to learn, grow and succeed - working in the social enterprises, accessing enhanced programs, going on outings in the community, developing life-long friendships.


When people ask, "What makes Bonny Lea Farm different?" We reply that Bonny Lea Farm changes lives. Countless times participants and their families have told us, some with smiles and some with tears, about what Bonny Lea Farm means to them - opportunity, security, purpose, friendship, dignity, respect, choice and hope.

Laura's Story

For ten years after moving away from my parents' home, seeking independence and work as an adult, I felt like I was not living. Instead of thriving, I was in survival mode, moving from home to home, never feeling truly safe and secure. Driving past and hearing about Bonny Lea Farm from others, I knew things could be different and I applied for their program.

"I dreamed of a home where I would feel safe and secure and not fearing when I would need to move again. I wanted somewhere I could feel confident and where I would be supported in making my own decisions. I wanted to experience the life that I knew participants have here at Bonny Lea Farm."


Laura waited ten long years before receiving a phone call letting her know that there was a vacancy and asking if she would like her name put forward. She said "Yes!"

"It was the best day ever. A dream come true!"


Now after only six months of living and working at Bonny Lea Farm, Laura feels at home.

"Here at Bonny Lea Farm I feel I am beginning to live again."

She is working in the Kitchen and the Greenhouse. She is making friends. She is starting to actively participate in Special Olympics and community outings. She is becoming confident in voicing her views. In short, she is embracing everything that Bonny Lea Farm has to offer.


Bonny Lea Farm has given Laura and us a new life. We can't explain the peace of mind we have in knowing Laura feels she can finally put down roots and grow. We haven't seen her so happy, comfortable and confident in years. Bonny Lea Farm has given her the quality of life she deserves. It has given her hope."

- Delores & Shawn, Laura's Mom and Dad

You are a part of making Bonny Lea Farm a place where hope is born and dreams come true.

We support 45 participants from across Nova Scotia in our residential, vocational and therapeutic programs. It costs $4 million dollars each year to deliver our specialized programs. We receive 75% of our funding from the provincial government. The remaining 25% comes from foundations, grants, our social enterprises and investments made by supporters like you.

We hope you feel joy by sharing in making someone's day, "The best day ever!"

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We value your support.

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