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Walk a Mile in My Shoes


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All the ways lives change for the better at 1JustCity sites starts with a plate or a pillow both of which your generosity provides! Thanks for being so compassionate and taking time to Walk a Mile in someone else's shoes. 

This is your way to raise funds for you participation in Walk a Mile. 

Join 1JustCity for a walk around Osborne Village from the perspective of their guests - using Just a Warm Sleep in the winter months or Oak Table's lunch time meal program all year round. 

People who give to your walk will help you make sure at least 25 people will have a warm place to stay this winter with access to basic services like showers, laundry and a mental health first aider.

At 1JustCity we love people where they're at - are as low barrier as possible. The funds you raise will make sure someone who doesn't have a family or many friends has a place that they connect with others and feel valued. 

Your walk and those who donate to your walk will help Jason, a homeless youth, can sleep inside safely because Nugget, his gigantic dog is allowed at his feet! 

Your walk and those who donate to your walk will support Kaitlyn to learn new skills as an intern, challenge her own prejudices about people experiencing poverty and get the skills she needs to have a good job so she can support her two young kids.